I hope to inspire you to fully be yourself, to live a badass life of purpose and to create a meaningful business.

The reason I started this website is because I would like to share my learnings that have changed my life the most on my journey to inner and outer freedom.

I am basically documenting how I became me.

And I keep on evolving and discovering myself out loud.

I share my personal growth in real time – here on my blog and all over social media.

By doing so, I want to show others that it is safe to be themselves.

That we are safe to share our vulnerabilities, emotions, thoughts and ideas.

I am on a quest to make meaning out of life experiences. To tell and share the stories that have shaped me.

Always asking: what is my truth and what happens if i tell it?

And I am also here to inspire you to live a life of freedom and to create an awesome, energy-rich lifestyle that fulfills you on a daily basis and to live out your purpose in your business.

Do you. Feel alive. Make your own rules.


conni biesalski

I’m Conni Biesalski, a creative entrepreneur, blogger and Youtuber.

  • I write, make videos and shoot photographs.
  • Vegan. Queer (aka. lesbian). Spiritual. Yogi.
  • Location-independent with homebase Bali.
  • I embrace and spread vulnerability and de-shaming in all areas of life.
  • Creator of The Art of Vulnerability
  • Former travel blogger and founder of Planet Backpack, one of Germany’s most popular travel blogs.

Read my whole story and learn more about me here.


A community of open-hearted, creative, visionary spirits with a message to share.

We are creators and entrepreneurs.

We are passionate, committed and mission-driven.

We value a healthy lifestyle and honour our bodies.

We are seekers, curious, fearless on our inner journey.

We are dreamers, who believe.

And we are makers, who turn our ideas into reality.

We are ready to go all in, step up and join in each other in living and creating our hearts out.

Are you in?

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Check out The Art of Vulnerability, my comprehensive online course that will help you to turn your vulnerabilities into your strengths and share them with the people in your life and the world.


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