Dec 21, 2017 | SOUL

Here is a little sharing of me living my evolution and growth out loud:

After a longer creation/contribution phase, I have shifted into an absorption/learning phase over the last week.

While it is raining a lot here in Bali, I am spending most of my time reading books and articles and watching some videos from great thinkers, spiritual teachers and inspiring leaders.

I stay away from my phone, todo lists and social media as much as I can. This means actively unlearning old habits and re-conditioning my brain.

Not an easy task considering how addicted my brain is to the constant stimuli and instant gratification my phone and social media can provide.

Simultaneously, I am integrating a lot of intense experiences from this year.

I am also writing a lot. On paper in a notebook and in my Scrivener app on my laptop.

This is a bit weird, as writing has not been my thing much ever since I discovered video for myself more than 1.5 years ago.

But I am just going and doing where my intuition leads me.

Some of what I’m writing I might publish, most of it probably not.

Not everything I write needs to be for the public. It is in many ways a space to process thoughts and feelings and ideas right now.

The effect will probably be good for the public sphere and what I will eventually put out there – it is almost as though I am writing as a practice and preparation for the big stuff.

As I keep following my highest excitement every day, we will see what happens with all the stuff that is coming through and out of me these days going forward.

One thing is for sure:

I am experiencing a big shift in my consciousness, the way I perceive reality and within myself.

By spending more time disconnected and especially away from my phone, I gain more clarity and presence. It’s amazing.

I ask a lot of life’s deep questions throughout my days as a human being while struggling with life and its challenges on this planet. And at the moment, I am finally receiving a lot of answers – from outside and others and also from within, my intuition.

I asked for guidance and it is arriving – in words, books, people, ideas, supporters, emails, messages, insights, feelings, dreams, teachers, healers, events, conversations, synchronicities.

I am reminded again that I need to trust the timing of things and people entering my life. And trust that I am supported by grace and god and the universe always.

These are interesting times. And I am in the process of having even more interesting experiences coming up very soon in a few weeks time.

Here is just one tiny little thing I want to share as I reflect on my work and contribution going forward:

“…the disintegration of the ambition to do big things to change the world. I began to understand that our concepts of big impact versus small impact are part of what needs to be healed. Our culture validates and celebrates those who are out there with big platforms speaking to millions of people, while ignoring those who do humble, quiet work, taking care of just one sick person, one child, or one small place on this earth.” – Charles Eisenstein

Once I make sense of the transformation I am experiencing these days, I will share more.

With love,




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