Where do you live?

I travel a lot, but I spend a lot of my time in Bali and Southern California.


Where are you from?

A small town in Bavaria, the South of Germany.

My family still lives there, but I have been a little gypsy since I was a young teenager. I usually visit a couple times a year for a couple weeks.


How do you make a living?

  • I created an online course The Art of Vulnerability.
  • I speak internationally and give workshops online and offline.
  • I run one of Germany’s most popular travel blogs, Planet Backpack, which is monetised through affiliate marketing.
  • I also created a successful e-book course helping people how to quit their 9-5 and start a location-independent life with an online business.

I am mostly active on YouTube, Instagram and through my newsletter (comes with a free resource).


When do you run another retreat or live workshop?

Sign up for my newsletter to find out. I announce everything in my weekly inner circle emails.


Will you come speak at my event/conference/school/business?

Perhaps! Send me an email.


Are you available for interviews?

Maybe. Send me an email.

I get many interview requests and only make intuitive decisions.

However: I am not available for interviews to talk about the digital nomad or travel lifestyle anymore.


Can I meet you in person for a coffee, when we are in the same place (eg. Bali)?

As a general rule that I established several years ago: No.

I’m sorry!!

I get many followers asking me to meet in real life and it has just gotten way too much and, as a sensitive soul, very draining.
So as a rule, one day, I decided to say no to every request. Makes it fair.

I share a lot of my life and vulnerabilities online – I need to have strong and healthy boundaries with how I let people into my life and how I allocate my limited time and energies. (I barely feel I spend enough time with the people I know – my friends and family.)

I do sometimes meet up with fellow bloggers/YouTubers or inspiring entrepreneurs, if I feel the connection and when I sense possibilities for synergies. So if you do awesome stuff that I can check out online (balance!), give me a shout.

Otherwise, if the universe wants us to cross paths and share the same time and space, it will do its thing.


Do you date your followers?



The power dynamic is not balanced. I am a very public person and most of my followers are not. They know so much about me, but I don’t know anything about them at all. It is an uncomfortable imbalance right from the start that I don’t want to deal with. It’s like going on a blind date – except that: it’s only blind for me.

I prefer to go on dates with women that have never heard of me before. I like starting from zero in a balanced way for both parties involved.


Do you offer life or business coaching?

No. I am not a 1-on-1 kinda person. I prefer 1-to-many (blogging, youtube, social media, speaking engagements, workshops…)

I have coached in the past, but just don’t enjoy it. It is not my calling.


Can you be my mentor?

No. I believe that mentor-mentee relationships happen and grow organically. It is not something I agree to officially and especially not through email.

The people that I currently sometimes help and support with their businesses or projects have been sent to me by the universe in special ways.


Can you give ma advice for my specific personal situation?

I wish I could, but I get so many emails every day, I cannot possibly respond to all of them and everyone’s individual situation.
What I do instead is: create a lot content and videos that help many people.

So check them out and see if you can find answers in them.


Can we work together somehow? Can you support my business/blog/cause?

Again, I get a lot of emails.

Before you send me one:

Read this post first.


Can you share your therapist/life coach with me?


I made a video talking about how to find a life coach/therapist here.


What workshops/events can you recommend for personal growth? Which ones do you attend?

I share some of those sometimes, but usually only after the fact.

I go to workshops/events regularly every couple months, but like to keep some (mystical) experiences to myself.

Also, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Ask the universe for guidance. Keep your eyes and ears open. The experiences that are right for you will come your way when you are ready to receive them.


Do you have book recommendations?

Yes. Lots.

Check them out here.


Are you available for guest posting on my website?



Can I write a guest post for your website?



Is your ebook for digital nomads available in English?



Do you plan to release it in English?



Can I work for you?

Whenever I look for someone to join my team, I post it on my social media channels or mention it in my newsletter (ergo: subscribe).


Can I buy an advertisement on your blog?



Do you do sponsorships?

Rarely. But if your product or brand aligns with my values and philosophy, I might consider.

Send me an email.

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